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Speaking and Workshops


Are you looking to be inspired? 

If so, then don't miss out on a chance to work with me!

Whether you want a motivational speaker or to host a workshop, each session can be tailored to fit your own unique needs. 

We will work together to decide what is the best for your team or event. 

What you get when you work with me:

Powerful presentations tailored to fit your needs!

Thought provoking conversations!

Inspiration to become your best self!

Below are just some ideas:

Motivational Speaking

Are you and/or your team feeling burnt-out? Are your employees physically depleted, emotionally drained and mentally exhausted? 

If you answered yes, it is time to refuel. 

Through dynamic story telling and real life experiences, you will leave feeling empowered to make your own life changes, fuel your soul and be the best person you can be. 

Pick your own topic:

Choose from a wide range of topics in the following areas:

health, wellness, leadership development, and employee engagement

Just a few topic ideas:

Stress/ burnout (for anyone)

Stress/ burnout (healthcare specific)

Healthy Eating Every Day

Effective communication

Re-engage your employees


Mediation for stress/anxiety

Looking for something special? Don't worry, I got you covered. Contact me to talk about more options. 

Wellness Programs

Want to start a wellness program for your team/ employees? Or struggling to get results from your current program? Look no further! I can help you build a program or bring life to your current efforts

what others are saying

Absolutely Amazing

Absolutely Amazing

Absolutely Amazing

Jessica is an excellent presenter. Love her real life stories and down to earth nature. 

Great Job

Absolutely Amazing

Absolutely Amazing

Material was presented well and I learned a lot!

Excellent Speaker

Absolutely Amazing

Excellent Speaker

Very good speaker. Personalized it with great stories.

Wonderful Speaker

Wonderful Speaker

Excellent Speaker

Makes me look into my life more and re-evaluate it. 


Wonderful Speaker

Highly Engaging

Thank you so much for inspiring us and sharing your stories and knowledge.

Highly Engaging

Wonderful Speaker

Highly Engaging

I walked away with tools to help improve my own life. 

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